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Chengdu, December 28th 2011

As Bao Bao gave us a break for lunch, I entered Hanhan's Cafe, the place I had lunch 15 months ago. I chose the same menu and almost the same seat. The exact same bench was occupied. The English speaking waiter was as friendly as 15 months ago.

However, the weather, needless to mention, was the opposite. 15 months ago, during late summer, as far as I cast my eyes from this balcony, everything was green and next to me red roses were in full bloom. It was hot then. Today, there were only two young men and me, sitting outside. All the other guests, including my fellow American teammates, sat inside the cafe. I stared at the bare trees. Except for the menu on my table, how different everything was. The weather inside me, was also the opposite.

After lunch I spent time at Swan Lake which was right across Hanhan's Cafe. I did, too, 15 months ago.

It seemed that there were more swans and ducks than 15 months ago. Or had the disappointment been that big that the swans became invisible? I don't think so. See!

There are black swans...

... the white duckling...

... and the Chinese white duck... I came to think that maybe just like pandas, swans and ducks are more active and jolly when the weather is cold. Look at this duck! It has been splashing water all around excitedly.

"How do I look?" The duck wonders.

Brown ducks were also abundant.

Like 15 months ago, I said crossed legs by the lake with my toe pointing out. I waited for a black swan to tap my toe with its beak again, but none never did. They did come close to me, looked at me, gave me some poses. Ah... apparently Black Swan knows that I don't need to be comforted this time. I had seen the pandas -- with an 'S'. My effort didn't turn into vain.

Each time I see a black swan, I will never forget the time when one black swan tapped the toe of my sandals, again and again, until it got my attention. As I broke into tears, Black Swan stayed. Fables, I believe, somehow have foundations from real life.

More pandas are yet to come! Stay tuned!

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