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Beijing, December 28th 2012

Well... I've warned you. This is just a silly excitement of me and most likely, me only.

So, from Dongwu Silk Hall, I walked to Beijing Olympic Stadium which was never on my wishlist and had not even my slightest interest. Frankly speaking I'm not a sport person. It's merely for the love of traveling that I do my best to exercise on a regular basis. When obligation is done, I don't like to be reminded of anything more.

However, since the famous olympic stadium was only a walking distance away, and I had to go that direction to get on the subway anyway, I went.

Do you see that vague figure of the bird's nest? Mist had filled the air nearly to the ground. If only Facebook worked on this land which invented the civilization of humankind, I would have post a photo and tag my Mandarin teacher who had a picture taken here on the same time last year. He said he wasn't lucky to encounter snow during that visit to Beijing. So when I saw the white-covered runway of Beijing International Airport upon landing, I thought I would show my lǎoshī a picture with Olympic Bird Nest on the background and me standing on snow-covered ground, and then tell him that I was lucky. Now, now, what am I going to show him? Even the bird nest is invisible. Call myself lucky? In my teacher's photo, the ground was clear of snow, but the sky was also clear of fog. Ahyayaya, trying to rival a teacher is against Chinese tradition, I suppose. Hence, this land would never allow such a wish come true.

In Beijing's subway stations, somehow you still can rely on pīnyīn in case hànzì is an issue. The ticket machines also have an English version. It would be actually more an issue if you are not familiar with the subway system itself, because there might not be anyone to explain about the 'how-to-do' in English. But if you are familiar with subways in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, you should not have a problem here. Taking subways -- city buses also -- in Beijing, saves you a lot of money. Furthermore, it's one way to get closer to the local's everyday life -- something no travel agency would be able to provide.

As I exited the subway tunnel, I felt cold drops on my face. Ah, why do they put a water sprayer on the exit doorway, I thought to myself. To clear passengers from infection?

But when my eyes met the sky, I realized it was snowing. It's snowing! It's snowing! If I were 5 years old, I would have jumped up and down, round and round.

It has been so many years ago since I last felt snow falling.

Ignoring a policeman standing nearby, I risked my G12 and captured the falling snow. It's snowing, you know!

With the greatest care, as if I were carrying gold dust, I carried the snow powder all over me up to my room on the 4th floor.

An hour later, I found a puddle of water under my boots, and I went to bed with a big smile on my face. It's snowing!

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