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First taste of Wuhan.

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Wuhan, December 29 - 30th 2011

I booked a room for 2 nights at Sentosa Hotel. Including breakfast, 740 CNY for 2 nights. Overall, I conclude it worthwhile.

My room was a bit more than a room. There was a kitchen set, dining table, and coffee table. It felt homey. Loved it.

This is the front view of Sentosa Hotel which I shot the next morning. Good morning, Wuhan! I can't cease to wonder where the word "sentosa" comes from. That smells Chinese, but sounds very Malayan if not Indonesian. Does this hotel have something to do with the Sentosa in Singapore?

I have always fallen in love with places where pedestrian's comfort is respected, like here.

These electricity wires across Sentosa Hotel caught my attention. One word: Vietnam. I think Vietnam should learn to roll electricity wires like this. Or are these telephone cords? Whatsoever, rolling them makes it look less like a bowl of black noodles.

This is the other side of Sentosa Hotel. Yes, it's such a huge building that it ends until the end of the road.

Interestingly, the staff gathered outside for a morning exercise accompanied by an energetic music.

Wandering the city in Wuhan, not only did I realize how big the city was, but also noticed the irony the city carried. Unlike Chengdu neither Kunming, giant towers, busy trade, glamor, filled Wuhan. But just right next to that glamor, signs of hard life struggled to exist. Between the glowing shops along the streets around Sentosa Hotel, small alleys sliced in. Small poor houses cramped inside.

Just like this view from my hotel window which I shot after a full day through Wuhan, surrounded by skyscrapers, a "people's apartment" struggles for a place.

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