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Another Day in KL

My last leg of this time's adventure ends in my favorite city, Kuala Lumpur.

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Kuala Lumpur, January 2nd 2012

When I drew my itinerary of this adventure, I had planned fro KL Bird Park and Taman Rama (Butterfly Park) this morning. However, after experiencing the huge crowd yesterday plus the great heat, I decided to tug myself longer in bed. My windowless room supported the idea of ignoring time. But to tell you the truth, I dislike a room without window. I find nothing better than being waken up by warm sunlight piercing through a curtain window.

Anyway, I got up, packed my things, proceeded with check out, and kept my suitcase at the front desk. A sharp piercing sunshine greeted me at the lobby door of Hotel Sentral. The neighborhood seemed to have been down to business since hours ago. I bought a train ticket to Pasar Seni and had a little trouble because I didn't read the signs written on the ticket-vending machines. There are machines that handle just notes, just coins, notes and coins, and so on. After standing in a queue and finally get my turn, it turned out I had queued at the wrong machine. I intended to use up my coins, but I queued at a notes-only machine. Aaarrrgh. You know, I hate standing in line. I don't want to repeat that for another ticket-vending machine. Aaarrrgh. Why don't they just put one type of machines? "There goes your love for KL," the other me teased me.

I revisited Pasar Seni, because my mind was still hooked up on a handbag that I saw last night. In the end I bought another bag which I thought was more unique, meaning: affordable but less common.

Pasar Seni is also known as Central Market. However, that's not the direct translation for "Pasar Seni". "Pasar" means "market", but "seni" is "art". So did I find art here! Sure, I did!

Sand Art, is what this art is called. I was told that this is a common art known in the Middle East e.g. Libanon, Syria, etc. I'm deeply fascinated and amazed. The man fills in several colors of sand into the bottle through a funnel which pipe runs through the bottle. Using the funnel's type, the adjust layers of sand by the color creating a scenery on the outside surface. Lastly, he tugs the sand in the bottle mouth, and then pours liquid glue into it. Even though you turn the bottle upside down, the sand won't pour down. In fact, not even a grain of sand would fall out.

For 45 ringgits I bought this. I rarely shop for stuffs during traveling. But this one I could hardly resist. Besides, I had taken a full video clip of the artist building a sand bottle for a customer who wanted one with her name printed on the bottle side. It would be rude if I didn't buy anything. Here's the video:

I didn't see it when he drew theChinese characters of the customers name. I assume he firstly drew the characters using glue on the inside of the bottle. And then, he applied red pinkish sand over the sticky characters. The artist had to redo a bit part of it, because his customer said it was written incorrectly.

I had lunch on the second floor. I got a favorite spot to sit. It's right on the balcony next to the railings. While savoring Nasi Lemak and sipping Kopi Tiam, I leaned on the railings, watched the flow of hustle and bustle below me.

Just a mean to ensure you that this is Kuala Lumpur.

Going back to KL Sentral... to get my suitcase. At the station, "Penceroboh Akan Didakwa", sounded fierce to my Indonesian mind. However, as a matter of fact, compared with my country's, law in Malaysia looks fierce indeed. They definitely don't have as much tolerance as my countrymen have. The thing is, when to decide that tolerance is too much. Isn't that so?

At Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), waiting to board my flight back to Jakarta. Aha. Yeah, I had experienced Malaysia. About Secret Recipe? I'm not going to tell you. That's a secret.

I know I would get a good meal on Malaysia Airlines. However, taking off at 22:05 is way too long for my stomach to postpone dinner. I failed to count how long it has been since I last ate an apple pie.

Here's the meal I had been looking forward to. At the moment (approx 1 month prior to departure) I booked the ticket, Air Asia's fare was a couple of hundred thousand rupiahs more expensive. Even so, that doesn't include meal. The more I travel, the more I come to believe that Air Asia is not always the best choice financially speaking. A calculator needs to involved.

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