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Chengdu, December 28th 2011

Still continuing my International Internship Panda Keeper Program, after lunch break, Bao Bao, our guide, met us at Hanhan's Cafe at 1:00 PM. The program after lunch wasn't about work anymore. We were just brought around the vicinity and given some explanations.

This panda was born in America. She doesn't like Panda Cake. To make her eat Panda Cakes, the keepers crush the cake and mix it with milk. But like the other pandas, she also like to lick her belly to pick up every crumb or piece of apple.

Like other pandas, too, she loves licking her finger after eating apple.

Next visit was to the Red Panda area. Bao Bao explained to us that Red Pandas are actually not of the Giant Panda family. They are called "panda", because they have the same diet as Giant Panda. Moreover, Red Panda are communal, unlike Giant Pandas who are individual.

At first I wasn't quite enthusiastic to see the Red Pandas, because I had seen them in my home country. I thought they were all the same and all much less cute than Giant Pandas. I was wrong.

The Red Pandas here have very thick tails. The tail looks almost as thick as the body. I wonder how would it feel if I rub my face using the Red Panda's tail.

Here are some more photos of the red pandas. It wasn't easy to take their pictures, because they were very very active. They moved, jumped (nearly flew) from one tree to another. They were even in a midst of a fight. Amidst of the name bearing "panda", they are definitely different than pandas.


The next place visited was the baby panda nursery. I got LOTS of pics and videos there. So... stay tuned!! See ya there!

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