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Panda Babies: Zhēn kě'ài!!

They were the cream of my visit in Chengdu.

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Chengdu, December 28th 2011

The best part of all the good moments at Panda Base was the visit to the panda nursery. Next to the nursery was the pandas' playground.

A panda keeper and a few-months-old panda. Auwww... so cute!

Little Panda cannot stand being hugged too long. It wants to hop, jump, run... explore the world :-)

I'm particularly fascinated by baby pandas' eyes. Photos of baby pandas I found in the internet also showed the same look. Compared to the adults, baby pandas' eyes seem to be more wide opened and sharp. It gives the exciting and genius look.

It was already afternoon, but the baby pandas were still in their fullest energy. Probably because the weather was cold.

"What's down there? Let me get down." Little Panda wonders.

"I can get down there. See...!"

Thinking what's next to do...

Panda... I adore your butt! May I sleep on it?

The baby pandas were being bottle fed.
Here's a video clip of it:

There were 3 baby pandas at that time. Each seemed to carry its own character. One would lie still and enjoy the milk until the last drop.
But another panda would obey its keeper, but immediately pull itself down once its duty of drinking milk is done.
"Come on, let me down! I want to play!" says Little Panda.

This baby panda was the naughtiest of all. It couldn't stay a second on the keeper's lap. Not to mention drinking milk, tea, or whatsoever. Eventually the panda keeper gave up and left the bottle on the ground. Little panda excitedly played with the bottle cap. Maybe that was just the moment it had been waiting for. Watch how Little Panda tried to take the cap out of its mouth!

Like feeding a human baby, the panda keeper pats the baby panda's back after drinking milk.

"What's this? Tea? Pandas don't drink tea! You think we are Chinese?" LOL

Meal, done! Let's wrestle!!

Like every human mostly does, so do pandas have a rival.

I still have some more to share about the baby pandas... in next post!!

Pardon me for the shakes in my video clips. I forgot I was taping. So I giggled and my hands simply joint in.

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