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Chengdu, December 28th 2011

"Are you still there? You still want to hear my story?" Panda is asking.

As mentioned in previous post, panda feeds on bamboo, fruit, and panda cake. In that post I've shown you a video clip about the making of panda cake. Now let us go back to panda's kitchen to prepare some for the pandas.
Bao Bao is showing us how to cut the panda cakes.

First we feed the panda in a pen. Some pandas are kept in pens for research purpose. Researches learn about each panda's behavior, about what kind of food they like, etc. See the smoke from the cake? The cake is still warm!

After each of us got a turn to feed Panda Cake to the panda inside the pen, Bao Bao leads us outside again. Same as the apples, we use a long piece of bamboo to feed pandas with Panda cakes.

Doesn't this make you hungry?

As mentioned before also in previous post, panda needs to exercise its body. One of the tricks is by enticing panda with delicacies.

However, some panda seem to understand that they are loved too much, and thus won't have to take that much effort -- like in this clip.

Panda likes to lick its paw and fingers after munching an apple or cake. Panda also licks up all the crumbs that drop on its chest and belly. Yeah, savor all up to the max!

Here are SOME of my panda shots:

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