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Welcome to Chengdu

I sat back and sighed. Ah... at last, I'm in Chengdu again.

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From Kuala Lumpur to Chengdu, December 24th 2011

My flight Kuala Lumpur - Chengdu (return) by Air Asia X cost 724 MYR exclude meal. Not bad, don't you think so?

I never reserve a seat in Air Asia, unless the flight time shows an opportunity to fly through sunrise or sunset. But today I was lucky. Without reserving a seat, I got my favorite seat: by the window.

My pre-book meal: Nasi Lemak. I think, this is the first time I eat a meal that really tastes like (fresh) meal, on Air Asia. Don't get me wrong. I don't consider "fresh" just because the food is warm.

A group of people, several rows in front of me, were celebrating someone's wedding anniversary. All through the four hours and a half journey, they seemed to maintain their merriness. A flight attendant picked up a microphone, announced their anniversary, have us clap hands, interview the man who only responded 'I love her very much', and had some pictures taken together with the other flight attendants. When he returned the microphone, party was resumed. Other passengers behind me seemed to enjoy their own business, whatever that was. China seemed to get even closer.

"International Arrival", follow the sign.

Suddenly... LOL I saw this sign. Aha, yes, I am in China.

Welcome to Chengdu.

The immigration check in was simple and quick. Next was to buy a SIM Card. I saw a shop with a sign written in English "Calling Card" on top. I tried to explain that I needed a SIM Card which I can use to make an international call. I was told to buy 1 SIM Card and 1 token for top up which all cost 220 yuan. I asked whether they had a cheaper one. The 2 ladies there seemed not to understand English. They didn't understand "cheap". One of the ladies made a call to someone with her cellphone. Then that lady on the phone became my interpreter. She explained that I have been given the cheapest choice for making an international call. Okay.

I asked them to register the card on my cellphone. It took rather awhile for the other lady, probably because my cellphone setting was in English. And then her friend made a call to my cellphone. It rang. Done. As if someone reminded me in my heart to try to call home to see whether the international call works or not, but I was confident it would be fine.

When I had my cellphone back in my hand... oh, oh! Everything is in Chinese now! All the settings. "Oh no! Please return the settings into English," I required. The lady spent another few minutes sweating on my cellphone.

Done at last. I thanked them deeply and got ready to head for my hostel. I saw everyone outside wearing their coat tight with their hands in their pockets. My coat was still in my suitcase. "Is it that cold?" I asked myself. I stepped out the building.

Well... it's cold, but not very cold.


In the taxi I sat back and sighed. Ah... at last, I'm in Chengdu again.

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