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February 2013

In the Long Run

... it became sequels of adventures.

After venturing in Jiuzhaigou winter, I ended up with a beginning. It became the beginning of winter adventure sequels to places that made winter Jiuzhaigou seemed warm. Such as? you ask. Such as minus 20 degrees on Kumtag Desert. Where's that? you ask again. That's Turpan, still China. In Urumqi, also China, waiting for a red light to turn green while crossing the street was torture. Not just me, but also the locals, bended our legs in and out continuously or the chill of winter would prick through our three four layers straight into our bones.

A month later, another sequel began. It was about winter in another country, Japan. I reached Hokkaido. Everyday, every night, the air was filled with snowfall. Contrary to China which still used human resource, Japan had trucks to clear up snow from the streets. The snow piled up along the street so high that the pedestrian path and main road was separated by a wall of snow. You could play hide and seek. In Asahikawa, I experienced for the first time, snowstorm. My friend standing just several meters away suddenly disappeared from my sight into clear white.

I'm doing my best managing time so that I can bring you all to the sequels of winter adventures -- through this blog. May I not disappoint you.

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