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Panda, from Childhood to Adulthood

a huge chance to capture them in every stage of their life...

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Chengdu, December 28th 2011

When I returned to my hostel, the staff asked me, "How was it? Did you get to see the pandas?"

"Oh yes, I did!" I answered excitedly. "The pandas were outside the whole day long. Until I left at about four, the pandas were still outside."

"Oh really? You are very lucky then!"

Yes, I was lucky indeed. I didn't just meet pandas with an 'S'. I got a huge chance to capture them in every stage of their life: from childhood to adulthood. Here there are!!


In previous post I've already written and showed a lot about the baby pandas. But... I still have some more:
"I want to get down. But that looks pretty scary... " Little Panda thinks to himself.

What a bundle of joy! Don't you think so?

"Ooopsss! Gotta be more careful next time..."


"Here... let me tell you a secret..."

"How shall I tell her that I love her? Hmmm..."

"Ooops! I have fallen in love!"

"What did you say? You said you love me??"

"Someone please rescue me!!"


Sober, less cute. That spells adult.

One thing is sure not to change: The fondness of bamboo.

This panda walked very closed to me, sat in front of me for a few seconds, pointed its eye to my lens, made a pose, and then continued to walk away. There was nobody else beside me at that time. Panda clearly stopped just to make a pose for me! 谢谢熊猫!

I had planned that I would stay until the pandas retrieve to their pens. On the contrary, many times I said to myself, "Okay, it's time to go back to the hostel." and at that many times I would see one two visitor standing by the fence either cheering or photographing. There were pandas! What a deep contrary to my experience 15 months ago! Eventually, I had to leave the pandas, because I had a night train to Wuhan to catch.

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